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Knocked down, but not out

December 26, 2012

In a posting just after Halloween, I noted I had caught some variety of a local flu bug but I had gotten myself past it and forged forward with my ambitious projects to bigger and better things.  Well, I was wrong.  I hadn’t payed the nasty virus what it was really due, and I just suffered a big time relapse.  I’ve been out of circulation for a couple of weeks.  So, while I haven’t been making any noise for the last while, I am still around.  And, after finally breaking down and getting some professionally administered anti-biotics (medications which I only take modestly and seldom), I am on the mend.

Right at the onset of this relapse, Yahoo did one of those automatic updates that wiped out a large percentage of my contacts so that has even put me more out of touch.  I am in the process of a rebuild so if I seem unresponsive, I am.  I have a whole bunch of phone numbers to sort out and re-enter.

The one really good aspect of this episode is that my Los Gatos lady friends who came to my humble abode to tend to my sick room supplies were, of course, even more beautiful than normal and, oh, so sympathetic, feeling so sorry for this hoarse, little and festering Rumpelstiltskin who had too much a resemblance to the uni-bomber.  Thanks ladies, you know who you are.  I’m proud to have such friends in such a busy and crazy time (and your phone numbers not obliterated by Yahoo).

While I’m probably not going to be real prolific with my posts as I recoup, I’m just slowed down, not out.

Have fun, all, and thanks,






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  1. Ed,

    I saw your posts on Los Gatos Patch and have been reading your blog. I know you are interested in promoting local artists.

    Look at the recent Patch stories about the Love Locks on the Main Street Bridge. CalTrans is going to remove them. My proposal is to create a park or several installations around town that will be designed for these Love Locks. Sculptures made of rods and bars, in the shape of trees, hearts, cats, grape arbors and other things . Possible themes relating to Los Gatos history. The way to move this where you want is to get in at the beginning. Before the beginning. Get together with the people who want to put up these locks. Get together with your sculpture friends. Brainstorm. Develop proposals. Go to Art Commission meetings, City Council meetings. Talk to the Parks and Planning Departments about locations. Promote the idea. Recruit supporters.

    I have been enjoying your blog. I have recommended it to friends. I was born in 1948, graduated from Camden High School in 1966. My dad worked for IBM and we lived in a tract house. I was not involved in the drug scene or the music scene, but your stories rang a lot of bells. In many cases, I can say “I have been there!” You have had many interesting experiences, known many interesting people and you are a great storyteller. You should write a book! 😉

    Gary Hinze


    I wrote the above last night and sent it to your email address. I see from your above blog that you and your email have been down. Hope both of you will be up an running again.


    • One of my artist friends, Gene Faucher, has been pestering me to do a posting about the locks. He has a couple of pictures of them and, also, the sign the state posted about the fence being private property and the intention to remove the locks. I’ve decided to wait until my head clears of this illness before I attack such a prodigious issue, but it will not go unchallenged, believe you, me.
      “Let there be locks or let the heads roll!!!” that’s what I say!

      Bye the way, I did get your email, and, I did write a book. If you’d like to purchase one, contact me via the email for details.

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