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Once again, professionalism in question

November 28, 2012

Today is Wednesday, November 28, 2012.

Yesterday I was went to get gas and I was driving down Massol Avenue towards Saratoga Avenue.  I noticed a whole string of  temporary “No Parking” signs had been posted and as it sunk in, I was impressed that Saturday’s annual Christmas Parade affected the streets this far from the parade’s route, blocks and blocks down to Santa Cruz Avenue and turning east on Main Street.

Around 9:30 this morning I was driving into downtown on Santa Cruz Avenue and I saw all these temporary, red lettered “No Parking” signs all over the place.  They were giving the public ample notice about the up coming parade, that was for sure.  Though they have been predicting some very nasty weather for several days now, and with yesterday being very, very windy and blustery, I was surprised we hadn’t seen any significant rain yet.  I stuffed my face into my computer screen and got myself lost in my work.  That didn’t last too long though.  The rain came.  And the wind.  For a few very potent hours, it stormed.   I found it kind of refreshing.  I’ve always liked dramatic weather.  I’m not much of one for drama in my life, but I do like it in my weather.   I got a good fix of it this morning.  And from the following weather prediction in today’s San Jose Mercury, it looks like I’ll be getting more fixes.

I drove to C. B. Hannegan’s for lunch via Massol Avenue and saw that the “No Parking” signs I had seen last night had been torn off the phone poles and tree trunks by the quick storm.  The duct tape that had been wrapped around the trees and poles to attach the signs was still there but the flimsy signs had been blown into the streets, gutters and lawns of nearby homes.  As I drove down Santa Cruz Avenue back to my work space, I saw that 80%, more like probably 90% of the temporary “No Parking” signs had been ripped down by the storm.  The duct tape was still there but, pretty much, no signs.

One of my beautiful lady friends has a suggestion permanently fixed to all of her email signatures:  “Save a Tree – Think Before You Print.”  Maybe town officials should consider such sentiments when they go posting signs as the rest of the town is hunkering down for a series of three storms headed right for us.   It seems to me that several gross of clear plastic bags, bags large enough to cover each sign, and a heavy duty tack gun could have alleviated the need for a whole new set of signs and the labor required to re-post them.  And by the way, who is going to take down all the wasted duct tape?

In the old days, it was a cliche that all IBM facilities had an ample posting of signs containing one word:  THINK

Maybe Los Gatos tax payers should get a gross of these IBM signs to post around town?


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