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The Historic Homes Tour next weekend

October 28, 2012

Anyone who knows me as more than the most casual acquaintance, knows that I can be incredibly stubborn.
It is not my usual policy to promote events in Los Gatos that happen simply to make money for some service club or non-profit entity, money that is dispensed to some “charity” which I don’t understand its worthiness to be considered a real and needy and true “charity.“ And, I especially don’t promote art related events when our local artists are ignored. The purpose of Art Bridge is to promote the tried and true artists and craftsmen who have put great effort, and a great many years, into making this town what we treasure. Since Art Bridge has never been considered for such support, I feel free to make such personal and arbitrary choices.
However, there is a money making effort which I do want to promote that is close upon us, the Historic Homes Tour on November 3rd and 4th. This tour is organized by the Museums of Los Gatos and offers the display of five historic homes in the Broadway Avenue neighborhood, just up from the Post Office.
The reason I am using my valuable web space to talk about this is that I have actually worked on the restoration and beautification of several of the homes myself, and I am friends with a number of the owners of the five involved properties. In the process of the restoration and enhancement of these historic buildings, I do know that my friends have taken great care to preserve the authenticity and elemental character of these structures. Such care is most congruent with the most basic Art Bridge considerations. I am proud of these friends and their efforts and I do wish to promote them. Let us show off and wave the flags for what we have done in the name of the historic Los Gatos culture.

It is not in my budget to spend $ 40 to see my friend’s homes and gardens, but if you haven’t seen these very notable and gracious residences, and if your budget can bear it, I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon here it town, it will make you proud, and probably, pretty envious.

Go and tell these folks, “Thanks for a job well done!”

For official information click here.





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