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Art Bridge Pot Luck Dinner — Rescheduled, take note

September 5, 2012

Hi Boys and Girls,

I hate to reschedule events.  I always feel like it makes you look like a poor planner but reality dictates and you listen.  I had significant response to the original September 30 date for the pot luck dinner and lots of friends said they were willing to help out, however, unfortunately, they would not be able to attend the actual event as they would be on vacation on that date.  That all seemed so silly to us.  So, we bumped the dinner to the next Sunday, October 7, in the hopes that some of these helpers can partake of what they are helping with.  Time, attitude, place and participation are all the same, just a week later.  See the revised poster below.  In fact, print it up and pass it around to your friends.

Remember, this is not a fund raiser, it’s a consciousness raiser!


The next time the town officials want some glass work done (for instance, like in the new library) or or some plaques in a park or enhancements on a town building, it would be nice to have them contact us, and let us check out the project as well as guys all over the rest of the country.  I, personally, am going to invite as many of the town staff and town elected officials as I can get emails for.  Hopefully, some of them will show up and get to know something about us and our work.  Perhaps, in the future, maybe they will show off some of the local boys and girls as well as the lowest bidder on some future RFQ (request for quote).


And, as well, we hope to involve some of the newer town folk, people who weren’t around when we first did our first works here in Los Gatos.  There are a lot of forgotten and hidden treasures still here in town and maybe we should make a bit of an effort to show them off again, not take it for granted that “everyone” has seen what we’ve done and know who we are.  Guys, let’s show ’em what we’ve got.  After all, we are even better at it now than we were 30 and 40 years ago when we were starting out.

BOOM, BOOM, Let’s show a little enthusiasm here. 


I’m just a writer  here, I don’t make a lot of noise (I just break pencils and bang on a keyboard).  The musicians can blow some horns and bang some drums, the sculptures can hammer their chisels and the glass guys can break some panes.  The painters can slap some stretcher bars together.

Hey, get with it.  No one pays attention to DEADBEATS.  Who said we were dead beats???

If I don’t start seeing a lot more enthusiasm I’m going to start assuming you are either dead or decrepit.


C’mon! RAH-RAH, sisss boom ba . . .


Ok, that’s about all the enthusiasm I have left, just dig it:







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