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Postmortem: Book signing No. 1

August 6, 2012

I am too tired on the day after the signing to do any more than acknowledge that we achieved our goal for the book signing, and surpassed it.  We wanted to raise enough cash to pay for the production of the 50 books, which we did and, plus, we raised a little bit more.  Not bad for the first time out.  Our friend Karen, the roving Dental Technician, snapped some photos for us yesterday (You may have read about Karen last week in the LG Weekly and the SJ Mercury).  I will let the pics do the talking, I’m going take a nap.



The day’s manager, John Eichinger, at the table, ready to go!


Me and Joe Acheve, the owner of Accent Graphics and the co-conspirator of this infamous effort

Accent Graphics is located on Alberto Way, across Saratoga Ave. from the Los Gatos Lodge



One of the side “beni’s” when signing books!!



When it is all over, the three of us considering our next conquest


And for those of you concerned about the super-exorbitant price, it was super-exorbitant but we got it.





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One Comment
  1. karen permalink

    Thanks for the referral of Joe at accent Graphics.Today I ordered business cards from him!

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