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Okay, what’s the story here?

August 3, 2012

Probably the two most favorable attributes I look for in people is that they be fair and reasonable.  So, trying to stick to my own values, I feel it only fair to report that after due consideration, the Los Gatos Police Department has dismissed one of its tickets they gave me.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t the big one, where I got my car towed, but I still appreciate that they listened to my explanation and made a fair and reasonable determination.  Thanks LGPD, especially Gwen.


This morning we are doing something new, a “do it yourself” blog post.  I’ll give you the pictures, you write your own story.  I have been sitting at the window next to the front door of Le Boulanger.  I am looking at a pair of women’s shoes that have been sitting on the sidewalk outside since I sat down just after 6:00 this morning.  As well, on the arm of the bench, maybe ten feet away are a small collection of oriental tea cups.  I’m assuming both artifacts have been here overnight.   For the past four hours, no one has touched either artifact but nearly every passerby gives them a curious glance.







Okay, guys and gals, go for it.  You can put your posts in the boxes below this and tell us what you came up with.

Oh, yeah, one passerby did make the following comment, “You would only see this in Los Gatos or France!”






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  1. Here is a story for the pics from the editor of the Los Gatos Patch . . .

    Sheila Sanchez

    7:52 am on Thursday, August 9, 2012

    I’ll make the first guess … three women met outside Le Boulanger in Los Gatos for a late tea/coffee on Aug. 2 and they either took their own mugs and plates to the bakery and cafe at 125 W. Main St., or they borrowed them from the business. One removed her tight-fitting sandals to be more comfortable, but forgot to put them back on after they left in a hurry for another destination. I know several coffee houses allow you to either bring your own mug or borrow one to be friendly to the environment. What fun post, Ed! Great idea! Thank you. Will you let us know the right post for the photos?

  2. and here’s one from a Patch reader . . .


    10:27 am on Thursday, August 9, 2012

    Three girls were having a tea party in the park. One of the girls had a puppy who was easily exciteable and took off running past Boulanger. To run faster she took off her sandles and kept running. The other two girls picked up the tea cups and left them on the bench in order to follow their friend and help find the puppy. By the time they had corralled the puppy they were too far away and too tired to go back to retrieve the items left behind.

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