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July 24, 2012

First things first, don’t reschedule your Sunday golf game because of my book signing.  It’s not this Sunday after all.  It will be next Sunday, August 5th, notwithstanding any scheduling issues.  Bill the oyster man will be there (and usually is, on the first Sunday of the month, I was told) as well as a solo jazzman.  I will keep readers posted.  We don’t want to screw up anyone’s golfing, God forbid.

WordPress is a website set up for blogging.  It is what I’m composing in right now.  After using it for about six months now, I’ve come to learn some of its peculiarities and I’d like to point some of them out so when sometimes it seems like I’m screwing up, maybe I am but maybe it’s some limitation or quirk on the part of WordPress’s particular way of doing things.  For example, it doesn’t like spaces.  If I put 20 spaces after a keystroke, WordPress takes them out.  If I want to put in several carriage returns, WordPress takes them out.  So, if I want to put some space between paragraphs, I hit the carriage return and put a period on a blank line so WordPress won’t delete it.


WordPress is not an artists’ tool.  It won’t let me change type fonts.  But I can change the color of the type.  If you press the “follow” button at the top of the blog page, WordPress will send you an e-mail of my latest posting every time I publish one.  It sometimes happens though, that if I put a picture near the top of the posting, WordPress might not include it in the automated e-mail.  The picture will appear in the posting on the internet but there’s no guaranteeing that it will make it through the email that WordPress sends out.  I haven’t figured that one out yet.  I try to send out another posting announcing that this is occurring and to check out the blog itself and not rely on the email version.

Sometimes I will specify that a picture is centered but WordPress will jog it over to the right or to the left all on its own.  Sometimes I will specify that I want the pic on the right or the left and WordPress will center it.


Then there is one thing that surprises me about this blog business that has nothing to do with WordPress.  When I first heard of these blog things, I was told they were sort of like forums, where the blogger puts something out there and then his readers come back at him with their thoughts on his comments.  Almost no one ever comments on my stuff.  On the street, folks mention that they’ve read it, but almost never on line.


You never know.







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