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July 10, 2012

Someone commented today that I didn’t give any photo credits for the historical pictures I included in the last posting. Usually I’m pretty good about that as I like to get credit for my own stuff. I thought I had included the source in the text but I guess I got on a roll and let it slip. The pictures of the old Los Gatos streets were from the Historical Collection at the Los Gatos Public Library. They have just a ton of that sort of stuff and it can be really interesting to get online and just browse the millions (maybe) of pictures they have.
The volunteers that maintain the collection tell you that they have so much for such a small town because folks will take pictures of their families and the community and then store the pictures in shoe boxes or hat boxes and keep them in the attic or the basement and slowly forget about them. When the owner of the house passes on, the family will clear out the house and find the pics. They will sort through them and usually just keep a small fraction of the collection and they give the rest to the library. This has been going on for quite a while. Thus the monstrous collection. It’s called “Hooked on Los Gatos,” check it out at:






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