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“People are Strange, when You’re a Stranger” — the Doors

July 5, 2012

I did something this morning I’ve been avoiding for sometime.  I took all of my blog postings and put them in a single word processing file.  When I opened the “properties” tab, I found that this new collection had more words in it than in the Small Mountain Rambles.  In the last six months, I’ve written an entirely new book.  In the last year, I’ve written two books.  Who would have guessed?   The trick is to sell some of them.


Accent Printing is in the office complex on Alberto Way, across Saratoga Avenue from the Los Gatos Lodge.   Accent printed my covers last Christmas when I hand-made over 100 books.  I showed Accent’s owner, Joe Acheve, the books I was getting from Lulu, the web publisher I was using to purchase the latest version of the book on a “one off” basis.  Joe said he could print them better and cheaper.  Being an old style, obsolete printer myself, Joe and I have been working to marry the my old style techniques and his modern equipment and we have been successful in coming up with a way to print off about 50 copies at a time at an affordable price.  Rather than taking orders for books and then waiting for them to make it through the mail, with this new method, I will be able to have actual book-signings where people walk away with the real thing in their hands as soon as they pay.  The new method opens up a lot of options that my lack of capital made unavailable to me before.


If, with this new option, I sell a lot of books, then on to this second one now sitting in a stray data file waiting to be organized, cleaned up and made serious.  If the “new option” books don’t sell, well, perhaps more effort is not warranted.  However, in either case, one year ago a lot of friends help me scramble out of a very weird housing situation.  Then they helped me get some wheels and, even after that, get my license restored.  Who would ever thought I’d put two books together in the middle of all that?


What a trip!



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