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Speaking my Peace

July 3, 2012

I’ve lived in the Santa Clara Valley all of my life.  I’ve probably sent the San Jose Mercury a million “letters to the editor.”  I finally got one published on Saturday:


Mount Um tower is just an eyesore   (    <——   This was written by some editor)

I grew up on Redmond Road when there were only five houses on it and it ran between Almaden Road and Coleman. Living here, Mount Umunhum, the flat top mountain, was always right off your shoulder. In the 1950s they built a concrete box with some twirling contraption on top. The rotating antenna zapped our radios and TVs every 48 seconds with man-made static for umpteen years. Then they built a bigger box with a bigger antenna. It was an eyesore then and it’s an eyesore now. Why anyone would want such an ugly relic left there as a memento to such an ugly time (nuclear holocausts, assassinations and an unpopular war) is beyond me. Make the mountain look like it did and let the Cold War lovers simply buy a 48-star flag and hang it in their living room.

Ed Bellezza

Los Gatos



I even have a great picture of it:



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