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Proof of Life

June 8, 2012

Book’s Proof of Life

Now it is true and real, here is proof that the latest version of my book is actually a real thing, I got this paperback version in the mail this morning.  Ta-Da!!!!

When kidnappers ask for a ransom, the guys who have to pay it ask for proof that the person kidnapped is actually still alive.  A common method of providing the proof is to have the kidnapped person hold up a newspaper showing the date.  While this date is in light blue ink, it does say June 6, 2012.  So, here’s proof my book is really alive and kicking.



Rather than say it all over again, I’m simply going show the book mark that I made for your own, personal copy that shows the ordering info, like go to to order it, or your friends for their order:

I’ve set up a Face Book page that  has some excerpts of the book’s contents, check it out at



So as to not confuse any of this blog’s fans, we are finally going to succumb many of the pleas to not have white type on a dark back- ground, the next posting will be in a format a little easier on our eyes.  Be prepared and don’t think you got lost.



Now, on the artistic side, I’ve once again put down some lines about my old days, this time back in Santa Cruz.  To check this one out, click here.



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