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Corrections made, the Expanded SMALL MOUNTAIN RAMBLES now for sale as Paper Back or ebook at

May 23, 2012

I did make a lot of noise about the book being ready several weeks ago, but it still needed some tweaking.  I didn’t hand make this one so I had to answer to a few other folks.   Plus, a lot of people our age preferred to see it as a hard copy book rather than simply as an e-book.   Currently here is what’s happening with it.


The e-book version for the e-book “readers” such as Kindle and Nook won’t be available for several weeks.


The Adobe PDF version of the e-book is available at  This can be read on any device that can display .pdf files such as PCs, Macs and most 4G cell phones.

It is now 310 pages rather than the original 179 pages and has a ton more nice color pictures.  I’ve added stories about Juice Newton at Mountain Charley’s and the Loma Preita Earthquake plus a few more.

I have it priced at $10.99.  If you should order this, be sure to watch for the free “Adobe Digital Editions” reader for PCs and Macs.  It gives the computers a simple to use e-book presentation to the this or any .pdf book you have.


For those who prefer to hold their book in their hands and turn the pages without any technology, there is the paper-back version.  While the text is exactly as in the e-book version, the pictures are printed in black and white.  The cost of printing the entire book in color was prohibitive.  We will provide the color version of these pictures for free by either email or download from the web.

The paper-back is priced at $21.99



Now that I really have a product, now I am going to promote the hell out of it.  If you enjoy, say so, word of mouth is the best promotion of all.

Any suggestion, opinions or comments are always appreciated.


Proceed to, enter “Small Mountain” into their search box and you will be taken to the two new versions.





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