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YES, YES, YES, . . . Finally the new, huge, expanded version of SMALL MOUNTAIN RAMBLES is finished and up for sale

May 11, 2012

Ok, finding and building up a new computer,

to replace the broken one on New Years,

learning a whole bunch of new software,

being old, grouchy and unteachable,

and all the rest of

these normal



I finally got the book done.


But, I am “hang dog” tired . . .




Now it is for sale to the public.  The big question is:



It has several new stories, a whole bunch of new pictures, a more professional approach, and a whole lot of really good editing.  But some of the mistakes may have slipped through on the many arguments I had with the modern day software.  There are about 27 steps between the editor and the end of the software.  But, WHEW, I finally got this far.  I am “hang dog” tired but here it is.


I am pretty proud of it, and I don’t usually say such things, but it does look pretty good.


let me know what you  think


Find it at












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