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Local Book sale, here, coming soon,

April 14, 2012

Of course you’ve heard the phrase “Still waters run deep.” Well, my blogging waters have been still for awhile but, hmm, running deep? Back in October, I collected a bunch of essays I written over the last two years and attempted to sell the collection to fund an nagging legal issue I needed to resolve. I called it “Small Mountain Rambles,” or SMR as my professional writing friends call it.
The effort payed for itself, I sold about a hundred copies of the self published and hand made volumes but I didn’t make any extra money to put towards the legal concerns. More than making money, however, my friends were enthusiastic about the collection and prodded me forward. I added a few more stories, cleaned up the original ones, replaced a blown up computer, continued to sort out the relentless legal hassles and tried to generate some enthusiasm about the reopening of Mountain Charley’s as well as attempting to sustain this newly launched blog.
However, I can say with a certain amount of pride and a whole lot of relief, I sent the finished version of the newly revised “Small Mountain Rambles” to my editors about an hour ago. I added several new stories, notably one about a big Juice Newton concert at Mountain Charley’s and a first hand account of the Loma Prieta Quake when I was living on the shoulder of Loma Prieta. Because of so many comments made about the inclusion of pictures in the original version, I’ve added more pictures this time around. The first book was made to please my friends and explore the landscape of authorship. It was an exploration. This time around, it’s a commercial enterprise, I guess it’s really an attempt at a commercial artistic enterprise. This time I’m at least paying attention to market considerations, what is more salable and less salable, how to get the word out how to make the thing as attractive and desirable as possible. You see, now I don’t have a collection of old essays, hopefully, now I have a product to sell.
After hearing the final comments from the LG Art Bridge editorial board (which is non-existent), I will submit SMR to one of the several e-book publishers and I will then let you guys know how to get it, how much it will cost, so on and so forth. Now it is SELL, SELL, SELL, MARKET, MARKET, MARKET.

Help me out and spread the word.




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