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Old photos, of town, as per No. 1 Broadway

April 6, 2012

I made this sign for the place out of stray piece of black walnut, 1977?

I’ve been asking folks to check out if they might have some old photos of the Art Bridge days.  Besides just cataloging town history and then just sit in a box or an album, someone might want to use them.  How? you ask?


Well, I’ve been expanding the book I introduced just before last Christmas and I’m planning on publishing a newly revised edition of “Small Mountain Rambles” as an e-book within the next week or so.  My editor and I are at the “button it down” stage, where the editing is done, the Table of Contents is correct, but, are all the captions under all of the pictures, are they ALL in the correct type style and size?  Are there the right number of blank pages at the end of the book (an e-book?), are all these hyphens really necessary?

I realize at this point it would be nice to have a few more historical pics included in this second edition of the book.  I am presenting here a great example of how those pics can really make a story come alive.   My first “Art Bridge” project was doing a brief history of Number One Broadway.  When I put the first edition of SMR together (Small Mountain Rambles), I simply included by original article about Number One in the book.  Well, this time around, I gave Number One’s chapter a “clean up” rewrite but I added a million new pics, well . . . maybe 10 or 12 or so.  While the place was being built, a friend of mine and everyone involved with Number One Broadway, Tom Ovens, was promised a job there even before they drove the first nail.  He would visit the emerging bar every few days and take photographs of the project, chronicling its evolution.  Tom has published several books about Los Gatos of that era and he has availed his photo collection to me.  I’ve utilized his pics to show how the innards of Number One developed over the six months it took them to build the place.  I’m sure you will agree, it makes for a much more tangible and interesting read utilizing Tommy’s pics.


This Number One re-write is pretty much a done deal but I am waiting for some verifications on a few details before I publish.  However, check it out, and dig how those old pics really fill the story up.  There is one section where I don’t even have to use any words.  Now, this is why I’ve been asking around for the old photos.  There is just nothing like them to spice up a story.  Hopefully, this will get you guys a little more motivated to dig through those old boxes in the downstairs closet or up in the attic. I could spice up lots of stories if I had the material.  And, besides, it just makes it all so much more fun.


I uploaded the Number One article in two parts so I could keep my account free.  When you get to a document, click on two parallelograms in the bottom right of the document to enlarge it full screen and make it readable.

Start with this link:

At its end, you will be provided a link to the conclusion.  If that link doesn’t work, use this one:

Don’t those old pics really make it come alive?  Dig it!


Tommy’s book is for sale at;jsessionid=853379C8600785490962BE3337D7A2BE


or go to and put “Number One Broadway – Shooter Scooter – Gingerbread” in the search window.   It only costs $5.00.





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