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Mountain Charley’s — Reopening Very Soon

March 19, 2012

The original Saloon set up for a lunch

There has been a lot of talk about the reopening of Mountain Charley’s over the last months and there has been lots of unsureness and balking. However, at this time, I’ll put my ass on the line and say that probably, by a week from today, or maybe tomorrow, the new Mountain Charley’s will be open for some level of business. I’m not going to put the new owner’s ass, Joe Farwell’s ass, on the line because he never has said that to me. But, seeing the long hours that the construction and finishing guys are putting in, watching Joe run up and down the streets to sort out all sort of last-minute details, so long as his March 23 final inspection doesn’t throw them a big curve, they might actually open this Friday, who knows, in a very minimalistic and cautious mode.

At this point, Joe is not planning any huge “grand opening” with a lot of fan fare and search lights. He wants to welcome the locals back in, after long absence, and raise awareness about this totally new, but true to its tradition, Mountain Charley’s.

It’s a clean, fresh, and lighten Mountain Charely’s, and, trust me, it IS still Mountain Charley’s. I’d provide some images of the new visage, but the guys are still working on the place. The bar and the floor are covered with protective paper as they are both yet stacked with the boxes of parts for the final lighting fixtures, the glass cleats for the back-bar shelves, fittings for the old, original salvaged bar rail. You can’t see the new place yet for all the finish work still to be done. Once some of this is finished up, boxes get put away, pics will be coming.

This is Monday and the final inspection is on Thursday. These boys are going to be busy as hell for the next three days. Hells bells, does this remind me of the old days; breakneck speed right up until opening, then opening at breakneck speed.

A week or so ago we asked if anyone might have some pictures of the original Mountain Charley’s that Joe could use to dress up the foyer, demonstrating the traditions being held in this new iteration. We got a few good responses but they just made us curious for more. I’ve posted some of the more obvious pics from the old days on my LG Art Bridge web site. Check them out, get enthused and dig through those attic and basement boxes to ferret out a bunch more of these memory shakers. Give them a gander and get back to me;

The pictures are at:





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