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An NEW instant Los Gatos Landmark

March 8, 2012

Fellow Los Gatans, I’d like to introduce you the town’s newest landmarks, a new version of the cats, Leo and Leona (Leona being in the foreground) now gracing the parking lot across from Wallgreens at Highway 9 and Santa Cruz Avenue.   The sculptures were done by my old friend and native Los Gatan, Tony Lynott.   These eight foot high puppies, . . . oops, Felines, are fashioned after the two traditional sculptures just to the rear side of the newly reopened Cats restaurant outside of town on Highway 17.    While the traditional landmark cats we all are familiar with are fabricated out of cast concrete (nine feet high), these are a bit more solid, carved out of a special grade of Mexican marble.  This is a photo taken when the sun was still low in the morning sky and there was no light on the front of the sculptures.  We will provide more photos and information later on.  Tony needs a break.

I arrived in the parking lot around 7:00 a.m. this morning and the riggers already had the first cat hanging in it’s slings from some pretty heavy machinery.  By 10:00, the two heavy felines were setting on their two foot deep concrete anchor pads, very sound and secure.   Tony had planned on installing the new town icons a week ago last Tuesday, but we were visited by a very unusual atmospheric phenomenon in this area, on that day it rained.  After a lot of rescheduling, the big marble cats came to rest this morning.   There was much applause from a Saint Mary’s elementary school class who watched as the rigging straps were taken off the cats for the last time.  The big felines  were at home.

Big congratulations to Tony.  This is not his biggest project by any means, but it is his largest installation here in his home town (where he does have literally hundreds of smaller installations, commercial and residential).  I first got to know the young, native Los Gatos lad when he started his stained glass/sculpture business while he was still attending Los Gatos High School.   I hope the local residents will give him one more round of applause for a job very well done.



I was listening to a bunch of locals vying for who had the worst airline experience in the last few years.  Since I have a condition that doesn’t allow me to fly, all I could was listen.  I have to admit, they did come up with some real horror stories and I listened intently.  But the next day, I did remember my one airline story that I really did live through.  I didn’t fly but I was in the center of a real mess.  If you are at all interested, click on the following link:

I call it the “Mad Princess.”

If you hit the bottom right corner icon of the sub-screen, it will make the text image almost big enough for us to read without glasses.



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