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My evolving “Blog” and what not

February 14, 2012

The way I’m coming to look at my various Los Gatos Art Bridge projects is to have them be complementary set of tools to get the word out.

The Art Bridge web site will be for archives.

The Face Book page will be for promotion

and this blog will be more for a community interaction medium.  Hopefully, as more and more people “follow” this blog, there will be fewer and fewer broadcast emails.

I’ve been using an online storage facility for more than ten years.  It’s called  From now on, I will put the stories and opinions onto and you guys can check stuff out there through links I post here on the blog.  In this way, if you’re not in the mood for a lot of verbiage, you won’t have to wade through one of my tall tales to get the latest word.  You can do the wading at

My latest little ramble is already on

It’s about my first art publishing attempts in the early 1970s.  Use the” full screen” toggle in the lower right screen to get a better image.

My latest publishing attempts have been several weeks of upgrading and revising SMR (“Small Mountain Rambles” for the uninitiated).  Like everything else revised and updated, it will be bigger and better, with lots more pics.  I’m finding that most everyone likes the pictures.

Two things opened up this week that were equally overwhelming: Gardino’s and the new town Library.  Both were so crowded they scared me away.  I like socializing but I don’t like crowds.  I going to wait for things to calm down before I really check them out.

I’m still in the process of finalizing my IT environment and I have to get back at it but I wanted to put something down here before you guys started thinking I was chickening out.


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One Comment
  1. John Stege permalink

    Ed, thanks for the introduction to Joe Farwell today; I look forward to seeing both you and Linda Carey at the grand opening of Mountain Charlies this Spring…et all!

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