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Town Crier: Number 2

February 3, 2012

While we haven’t had much of a winter this year, the approaching spring will find us in the midst of several welcome re-awakenings (perhaps “blossomings”) of old friends.   With in a week or two, Gardino’s newly expanded and upgraded restaurant will be reopening.  It’s been a long and rocky road for Tom, Pete and Geoff but they pulled it off.

Next in line will be Mountain Charley’s Saloon.  With this opening (probably during the last half of March) we find this venerable old place back in the family that originally put the it together.  Joe Farwell will be at the helm of this newly renovated and updated favorite.  It was his father, Jim Farwell, that built and operated the original Mountain Charely’s Saloon and Restaurant in 1972, 40 years ago.  Joe intends to have it cater to the young, hip crowd of today while maintaining the  grace and rustic elegance favored by the older hip crowd of Los Gatos and it mountains two generations ago.

An advertisement for a lunch special, 1974

Valeriano’s has changed ownership and we are told it will become a Tokyo-Techno Sushi sort of place called Blowfish Sushi To Die For.  There are several other Blowfish places, one each in San Francisco and Los Angeles and one very local, in Santana Row.  I don’t know anyone who has been to these other locations so all I know of it is what I found on their website ( and Yelp.  If anyone has any insights, enlighten us.

On down the line, Nick of Nick’s on Main has another location opening where Tapestry once was, at the head of College Avenue and work has started in the storefront on the upside of LG Coffee Roasting Company; Centonove.

This is about all I’m aware of.  Let me know what I’ve missed.  As I understand it these blogs are supposed to be pretty interactive things so if you have any more information, make it known here.


There is one other place I’d like to see open in the near future, a desk where I could rest my LG Art Bridge workings. If there was such a place, I wouldn’t  have to pack up and restart my work three or four times each day in the coffee houses.  I don’t really have any appropriate space where I live for this.  So, I’m starting to browse around the downtown area for an extra desk in someone’s office where I could lay my projects out and let them sit and mature for a few days at a time without having to pack it all up, put it in the backpack and then sort it out on another coffee house table.  Besides being very tiresome and inefficient, it really opens one up to losing material and small devices.  Small devices . .  . like what’s not small these days; cell phones, computers, memory sticks, etc.?

I do have lots of old friends in town, and I’ve been making newer ones all the time.  This is usually all on a social basis though, and I don’t necessarily know what these friends’ business settings are like.  So I’m just going to broadside this idea.  Art Bridge has gone from a vague concept about 18 months ago to a rich web site, now this blog, and recently its first book; Small Mountain Wonders.  It has become a very real thing, and with any luck it will become more real.  However, at this juncture, it has yet to make any money.  My sole income is Social Security Disability benefits, which is less than a pittance.  I’m hoping to get in touch with someone who might have a spare desk in a corner they would be willing to donate to my efforts for at least for a few months.  We are in the process of revising Small Mountain Rambles and publishing at least 250 more copies with the hope of developing significant marketing strategies for an audience outside of our Los Gatos locals.

My friend Dennis Byron availed me an office at his real estate brokerage to build my first 100 books.  This, during the holidays, when the real estate business is in a lull.  Now, however, the business is picking up and Dennis needs all the space he has.  Thanks much Dennis.  With the plans for another 250 books, we could definitely use some dedicated space now.  Not a lot of space but some sort of reliable and unobtrusive space.  I really don’t want to be in anyone’s way.


This is a reminder to the very first Art Bridge event  >>>>

September 14, 2010



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